Beard according to face shape 

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Men who like to wear a beard should be shaped not only by trends, but also in accordance with their face shape. We often hear how some man want a beard just like Brad Pit or George Clooney and eventually ended up very unsatisfied. Believe me, it‘s not a problem in your hair dresser it’s probably other thing. Your face is not appropriate for that beard shape. You should be careful about it. It must be suitable to your face shape. For example, for those with a triangular face the most convenient is disheveled beard. We have to admit that a beard become very popular nowadays. Men who wear it are very attractive to woman.


Why bearded men attract women?

Perhaps bearded men look stronger than others and they certainly look more casual. And at the end they look like men not like boys. And definitely they become more and more popular among women. I could say that they are natural reaction to “metrosexual men”, very popular in recent past.

Beard, as well as hair, you should adjust to yourself and trends in the same time. First of all, you have to find out which is your face shape. If you have a problem with that try to look at the mirror and draw with lipstick and then compare it with shapes on the internet. After that you can choose your “macho” beard and really look sexy.


For you the best choice is few weeks old beard, which you can shorten with the scissors. You will look casual but still very sexy. But you can’t forget to shape it with scissors. You don’t want to look slovenly. To have smoothed skin around the mouth and chin, consult with an expert, at least in the beginning, and later you can try to maintain the contour on your own.



To this form the best solution is beard that visually shortens your face. Allow it to grow for a week and then keep that form and length. In this way your face will look normal and less oblong. You won’t look so skinny.


For this shape of face it is ideal a stylish and thinned beard, which it connected with a mustache, but avoid flaps. The best solution is to visit an expert and let him to make you the exact shape you want, and you can also try to maintain it. It is difficult but at the end you will learn it.



For this triangle shape the best choice is definitely disheveled beard. Allow it to grow and maintain lines of the cheeks and sideburns, “standing on end” remove hair shaved off.

Whatever look you want to have you have to be aware that it depends on your shape face. The most important is to get known with your own features and to realize what will suit you the best. It is the same with hairstyles. You should always keep that in mind. Remember not all styles are for everyone.

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4 Reasons Why Women Can’t Get Enough Of Beards  

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It’s not the only about the beard, it’s about the style, the swag and individuality which shines through your style and beard.  Sometimes men wrongly believe that women dislike beards.  It is safe to say that even though there are some ladies who are not fans are bearded man, there are just as many those whole are true fans of beards.  Furthermore, there are numerous reasons why ladies like their men with beards, but in this text we will concentrate on four all of the most important reasons why women absolutely love bearded men.

1.Craving A Cave Man

Firstly, beards will definitely charm the ladies because they show that you are a true man’s man.  A beard is the most masculine accessory which you can add to your style in order to make you manlier, stronger and fierce in general.  Did you know that there is even a verb ‘to beard’? The verb is used to describe being opinionated. Therefore, it is no wonder that a beard attracts so much positive attention from the ladies. The positive feedback stems from the fact that a beard makes you a true man’s man, someone no one should mess with and someone who has their own sets of values and beliefs. Having strong opinions and growing a beard seem to go hand in hand, therefore there is no wonder the beards have managed to dazzle the ladies and men alike.

2.Longing For A Papa Bear

Besides being all manly, providing rough and tough exterior, beard also makes you look naturally warm and soft. The fuzziness of the beard will make you as soft as a papa bear and on top of it all it will provide a soft and natural look that will attract the attention of the ladies. The beard also has a functional use.  In other words, during the winter months your beard will protect you from the cold your face is exposed to.  This means that your delicate skin on your face will not be exposed to the harsh winter months, but it will be protected by your facial hair.  A beard will also provide a soft and comforting feel to your lady and they will adore the intimate moments and kisses, because of the beard.  However, this doesn’t apply to wearing a stubble, which will certainly annoy and the irritated the gentle skin of your gardener while you kiss.

Smiling man wearing straw hat

3.Admiration For Unique Expression

A beard will provide you a way to express yourself in a unique an original way.  Not that you need to prove that you are an individual but it is much easier to ooze your character and expression through something to as a beard.

4.Love For The Detail

This tiny detail will attract older ladies because, in general ladies love details.  A beard is just another accessory that will fit in rather well with numerous shoes ladies have, necklaces, rings, bags and make up.  They will probably support your bearded style because they think it’s in a great accessory and that will make you look ruggedly handsome, just like a lumberjack.

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3 Reasons Why Beards Have Made A Comeback!

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There are numerous reasons why anyone would choose to grow a beard.  Even though I will not try to convince you that you should, or should not save, in my personal opinion beards are immensely popular with a reason.  If you take some time and look at the people in the streets, lately everyone is sporting a beard!  And with a good reason too!  Here are some of the main reasons why beards have made such a comeback in the recent years, and why they will never grow out of style.

1.Beards Are Stylish

Le-Fashion-Blog-11-Hot-Guys-With-Beards-Taylor-Kinney-Bullett-Magazine-3Needless to say, but if you are sporting a beard you are giving an example of what you think style is, and you are showing your own individuality.  Your personality should shine through your clothes and accessories you wear.  People who have style know how to use all these accessories, and all these elements, in order to tell a story about to themselves, without uttering a single word.  If you want to show your character to the world entire, without having to explain yourself to the people, you should turn into building your own style.  Furthermore, a developed style also signifies that you have developed your character, and it you are a rounded individual altogether.

2.Beards Are Classy

Also, beards are very classy.  If you would like to show that you are classy and that you follow the modern trends, I would strongly advise you that you grow a beard.  Also, growing a beard takes time, therefore you should learn how to show patience, but also take time to groom your beard and maintain it.  If you want to be able to have a really polished, classy look, you should pay attention to grooming your beard on the regular basis and using the right products which will enable your beard to look very fashionable and classy.

3.Beards Attract Ladies

stubble-beardOne of the main reasons why guys grow beards is because they believe that their bushy beard will attract the ladies.  This is in fact entirely true.  Not only that to the ladies will find you very attractive, but they will probably find you very masculine.  If you want to appear as a strong person, with a developed individuality and character, you should try two wear a beard.  If your partner supports you in growing your facial hair, they probably show support in other areas of your life, therefore you will be able to test out whether this person truly loves you and want to support your endeavors.  Even if the person you are dating doesn’t like beards, their support will show that they love you much more than their stubborn opinion.  Sometimes ladies might complain that the beard is scratching their delicate skin on their faces, however, with the right length of the hair, they will feel just a warm and fuzzy feeling. Short stubble can be painful to them, but growing it a bit longer shouldn’t pose an issue.

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